Creating Space to Enjoy the Holidays

I suspect you may have felt it as I did. As soon as the costumes were put away and the candy dumped in a bowl, things shifted a bit. With Halloween behind us, we can now turn our eyes to the coming holiday season with its additional events, responsibilities, and social/familial expectations. It’s not bad, but regardless, it is more. And, it is always wise to acknowledge when we have entered a “more” season.

Culturally, many of us often wait until the New Year to try changing ineffective routines, perspectives, or habits. But, I want to suggest that we do ourselves a disservice if there is something we could change that would benefit us now. Especially the kind of thing that might make the upcoming 60-ish days better for our souls.

Anne Rulo Creating Space to Enjoy the Holidays

Given that the holidays are a “more” season, it is wise to take time to evaluate our schedules. There is work (paid and unpaid) we can handle at other times of the year that will be outside of our margins during this time. And, given that many of us are fairly terrible at saying “no” or not responding to notifications, emails, or texts immediately, it will benefit us to set boundaries proactively, rather than after we are tearing up in the wrapping paper aisle.

So, what it is for you? Whether turning off notifications, setting boundaries around email, or physically separating from our devices, we have to find ways to disconnect our brains and cortisol levels from the perpetual awareness of responsibility and being needed. Especially in a “more” season, it is this type of disconnection that can help us create the margins needed to physically, emotionally, and psychologically handle (and enjoy!) what is coming.

Remember, you’re not changing everything forever, it’s just for a season. These precious days of family and celebration only come once a year. This year, may we give ourselves permission to create the space needed to enjoy the “more.”

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