Privacy & Disclosure

The work that I do regularly encourages people to seek out their authentic design and live that out in their daily lives.  My message, like any message, has caveats that must be acknowledged and that is what I hope to share here.  I am aware that my messages to live authentically, boldly, to fully engage in the way that a person may wish to is not safe for everyone.  Power, privilege, basic economic needs and general safety are not afforded to everyone in the same way.  My tagline reads, “Grace and encouragement for intentional, authentic living.”  It is in the “intentional” where we sometimes have to thoughtfully sit and examine the social structures, individual situations and pervasive oppression in our society that may not allow everyone to live authentically in the same way.  So when I step in it, please, graciously let me know and hear my heart in this space.  And when a word I may share resounds in your heart but something about your circumstances does not allow you to move forward as you would like know that your authenticity is no less genuine or brave.  My grace and compassion to each of us as we navigate this complicated world around us.

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