This page highlights some of my poetry.  In addition to writing for my own enjoyment, I find joy in creating custom poetry for others.  Please contact me if you are interested in discussing a custom piece of poetry.
(All original works created by Anne Rulo.  Do not reproduce without author permission.)

Her Everything
A Mom's Reminder
A (Very) Young Woman's Right To VoteAw, did you get that poor baby up to vote this early morn_Yes ma’am you bet I surely did and I’d do it every timeBecause on this morning when I got her up and sacrificed her slee.png
When the Wins Don't Come
Yesterday, a cloud of sorrow fell across the way. It may rain again tomorrow, it may rain, but say, ain't it fine today_
Older Self
The Fabric of a Coach's Wife

(Originally Published on Friday Night Wives)

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