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Here are My Empty Baskets Lord, Please Fill Them

I am writing this week’s post for all of us with empty baskets. Empty energy baskets, empty emotional baskets, empty financial baskets, empty patience baskets, empty make-dinner-and-care-for-my-kids baskets, empty able-to-deal-with-one-more-thing-baskets. For close to a year now, we have been steadily serving out of our baskets. But, if we are honest, many of us are weary.… Continue reading Here are My Empty Baskets Lord, Please Fill Them

Surveying What’s Ahead

Writing over at The Glorious Table today about surveying the year ahead. Click here to link to the full article or read on for a preview below. Happy New Year to you all! When COVID all but shifted the world on its axis early in 2020, it was incredibly jarring. The shutdown was so quick… Continue reading Surveying What’s Ahead