In her third publication, Anne uses her experience as a devotional writer and licensed counselor to study the practical applications offered in the book of James. Written as a five-week study, suited for personal or group Bible study, James is a great book to study to help us challenge our perceptions of life’s difficulties, favoritism, wealth, and living out our faith in action. Grace, humor, and challenge will meet you each day. As this study shows, James was a voice desperately needed both in his day and ours. Available on Amazon here (paperback or Kindle).

Anne Rulo The God Blanket Colossians Bible Study Devotional

In her second publication, licensed therapist and speaker Anne Rulo offers a five-week study over the book of Colossians. Constructed as a manageable workbook, the Scripture and reflection are found right there in the pages. You will be challenged and captivated by what emerges from this letter to a young church. Humor, reliability, and a down-to-earth approach to study will ensure that you truly enjoy this experience of The God Blanket.
Available on Amazon here (paperback or Kindle).

Anne Rulo Cultivating Joy Philippians Bible Study Devotional

In her first publication, Anne uses her training as a licensed therapist, practicing Christian, and a helping of humor to guide readers to intentionally cultivate joys in their lives. This five-week study based in the book of Philippians is designed to be manageable for a busy lifestyle while also being a quality, informative and challenging study.
Available on Amazon here (paperback or Kindle).