About Me

Welcome! I am so glad that you have come across my page and it is my hope you are able to find something here of value for you. I have spent the last two decades in a combination of lay ministry, education and mental health work. After fifteen years as a licensed professional counselor and licensed marriage and family therapist, I have stepped out of direct care for a season to pursue a passion for reaching more people with writing, speaking, consulting, and education.

The goal of this work is to share messages that speak freedom and encouragement into our unique designs. So often I have found my students, my clients, those whom I love as well as my own conscience living in a place of unnecessary discontent. We shame ourselves for being too much, too little, too far, not far enough. We often want to be something other than what we are in the moment. We run our engines on guilt instead of grace and that is not the fuel we were meant for.

The work you will find here and the message I take wherever I go is that courage and authenticity are powerful roads to freedom. Embracing these traits grows self-compassion, integrity in relationships and an appreciation for the growth that comes from vulnerability. When we find ways to live out our design we create the space where we fall, fail, and succeed in the ways that most satisfy our hearts.

And so here it is that I will take my own risks, find the lessons in my own adventures and pass them on to you in the hopes that they bless your life. In between keyboard strokes and post-it notes I will also continue to raise my littles, live my other passion as a high school coach’s wife and nurture a love of hot tea, long walks, and cultivating joy in the moment. I am glad to have you along for the ride.