Yes, No, & Hang On a Sec

With no family living nearby, our little crew spends quite a bit of time on the road. And, as anyone with children knows, that means there are a lot of questions that come from the back seat. Recently, I was thinking about the endless amount of “yeses” “nos” and “hang on a secs” that come out of my mouth during these trips. And, while a very pale comparison to the real thing, it feels like the closest human example I can think of to how we receive answers to prayer. Here’s a few examples…

Sometimes my kids ask for things that are reasonable, within my ability, and will bring them joy. “Sure, I can turn on that song for you.” It’s fun for me to fill their needs and enjoy their happiness.

Sometimes, my kids ask for things that might be desirable but aren’t best for them. “Sorry kiddo, no ice cream in addition to the road trip cookies you already ate. You’ll feel sick.” Momentary happiness is not worth their unanticipated future consequences.

And, sometimes, my kids ask for things that are truly desperate needs or desires. If I can take care of them right then, of course, I do. But, sometimes it’s not the right time, it’s not safe, or I know something they don’t. “Hang on a sec sister, it’s not safe to pull over right now to use the bathroom. There’s a bathroom in just a couple of exits.”

Anne Rulo Yes No Hang On a Sec

On this “road trip” with God, I wonder how many questions we’ve asked Him. I wonder how many times our desires have aligned with His will and He’s said, “Heck yeah!”, watching with delight as we receive something He provides.

As we’ve traveled, I wonder how many times we’ve asked for things He knew weren’t best for us, no matter how much we wanted them. I even wonder if He’s sad sometimes when, knowing all He knows, He has to say no.

Finally, I wonder how often He’s not said yes, not said no, but simply said, “Hang on a sec sister” so He can make the road ahead safe, prepared, and headed in the right direction.

Yes, no, and hang on a sec. As hard as it can be, I guess sometimes it’s just wiser to sit in the back seat and trust The Driver.


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