Announcing My New Book! “When Faith Does”

It’s a very exciting day here! After thinking about which book to study for over a year, typing the first words in January of 2022, and navigating the ever-present obstacles, delays, and life adventures, “When Faith Does” is finally out in the world!

Anne Rulo When Faith Does BIble Study Devotional James

When I started this writing adventure in 2018, I would never have imagined what it has become today with three studies published and speaking engagements that are growing more and more as the world rebounds from the pandemic. While I have sat here and physically typed the words, I have countless people to thank for guiding, teaching, and encouraging me both practically and emotionally. I could not have done this well without you.

“When Faith Does” follows the pattern of the previous two studies I’ve written, “Cultivating Joy” (Philippians) and “The God Blanket” (Colossians). Written as a five-week study, suited for individuals or groups, James is a great book to study to help us challenge our perceptions of life’s difficulties, favoritism, wealth, and living out our faith in action. Grace, humor, and challenge will meet you each day. As this study shows, James was a voice desperately needed both in his day and ours. I have prayed that I would be faithful and true in putting it together and that it would meet you exactly where you need. Happy launch day everyone! I hope you enjoy it!

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