Children: Paving the Way Forward vs. Praying the Way Forward

Exactly one year ago, I shared the story below. It’s about a moment where I had to choose between paving the way forward for my kid or “just” praying. Sure, one sounds holier. It’s also much harder sometimes. Fast-forward to last week as people we love now know our son’s name, greet him with a smile, and call him a friend. Life is hard sometimes but God is so good, especially when we give Him time to work His way. We don’t always get a follow-up on how stories turn out, but I wanted to share this one. I hope it encourages you.

(June 2021) The other day I passed my son in the school cafeteria. Unlike his usual involved and chatty self, he was sitting on one of those round plastic seats far from the other kids. He was trying to look like he had it all together but, I’m his Mom. And, he’s not so fantastic at hiding his feelings 😉 I sat down and asked quietly, “What’s going on buddy?” He leaned in. “I just don’t know anybody Mom. I don’t have any friends here.”

Ugh, cue internal heartbreak. Poor kid. We are moving and this scene was from one of his first summer encounters with the other boys his age. The kids he doesn’t know yet. After leaving a bunch of friends he loved in our old place. I hate it for him.

The part of me that wanted to fix it rose up quickly. It’s the part of me that wanted to start moving the pieces, picking the people, and manufacturing situations so he would feel better as quickly as possible. It’s the part of us that gets labeled “Mama Bear” and I’ll admit, sometimes, she’s needed.

But, this time she wasn’t. And I knew it. As much as I wanted to intervene, I knew that on this day, in this circumstance, my job was not to pave the way for my kid but to pray the way for him. I gave him a hug, a strategy or two for meeting new folks, and walked away with my heart in a puddle. It wasn’t the first time and, I’m certain it won’t be the last.

Like when he walked into preschool.

And when we moved last time.

And when he was scared to try a new thing.

Like when he’ll go to high school.

And when he chooses the girl.

And when he’ll drive off to college.

Anne Rulo Children: Paving the Way Forward vs. Praying the Way Forward

Parenting is the most challenging exercise I know in learning when to tie our own hands in prayer so we can loosen and equip theirs.

Onward and forward my son, as you forge your own path. Nothing I could ever do for you will ever compare with what God can do. My goodness, how I love you.

I’ll pray your way forward.

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Photo by Ben White on Unsplash, used with permission

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