New Year, Old You?

Writing over at Partners in Prevention today! Pursuing improvement is a wonderful goal, but don’t let that shame the old you who went through so much to get there. See below for a preview or link here for the full post.

This first month of the year can bring such hope for a fresh start. Maybe you are hoping for a new health routine, a reset on your financial goals, maybe it’s a new approach to self-care or relationships. Perhaps it is that long-awaited goal on the horizon but, you know it’s going to take some very hard work and discipline to get there.

So, if you are going to start out the new year with these kinds of goals, it’s going to require a new you, right?

Well, not exactly.

The accomplishment of any change we ever make in life is a culmination of all the experiences, successes, and “failures” that got us there. With each year, each season of our lives, we gather information that helps shape our priorities and set goals for the future. Yes, the new self is great but, our old self went through some really important things to get there, and she doesn’t just want to exist in shame. So, as a way of reconciling old experiences with your new, desired changes, let’s consider a few examples:

Anne Rulo Partners in Prevention New Year Old You

For those aiming for a new health routine, bravo! It’s such a worthy goal to take care of the one body you’ve been given. However, rather than shaming the old you who was not as fit or healthy as you desired, remember all you accomplished during those years when stress, sickness, or obligations took you away from exercising or eating as you desired.

For those pushing reset on your financial goals, great! It is such a smart idea to figure out a budget and stick to it. But rather than criticizing the old less-savvy you, remember how you bravely went to school, started that lower-paying entry-level job, or bought the transportation you desperately needed (but maybe couldn’t quite afford) to get to and from work. You know better now so you’ll do better but, consider compassion toward those other choices that brought you where you are today.

For those hoping to change their social interaction patterns and/or relationships, fantastic! Healthy interpersonal skills are a huge part of a satisfying life experience. But remember that whatever patterns you are trying to change were probably picked up at some point because they made sense then. They kept you safe, they played the game you had to play, they were all you knew. Be patient with your old self, you’re learning something you’ve never known before.

To finish the full post link here.

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