Encountering Opposition to Transformation in Christ

This month’s article from The Glorious Table starts with me wearing a Rainbow Brite Costume. Preview below or link here for the full post.

Anne Rulo The Glorious Table Encountering Opposition to Transformation in Christ

When I was a child, my mom created the most wonderful Rainbow Brite costume for me. I don’t remember much about that Halloween, but I do remember how I felt. That costume was incredible. I remember feeling special, well-dressed, and proud of what I had transformed into as I wandered up and down the street, gathering candy with my friends. I am quite certain I got lots of compliments, and I would love it if that costume was still around for my own kids to use.

Fast forward to Halloween when I was a preteen. I chose to be a Kansas University Jayhawk. Having been born in Kansas, I loved the Jayhawks. We worked hard on that costume, covering my uncle’s old football helmet in red fabric and using parts of an old Pizza Hut box to transform the facemask into a yellow beak. I loved it, but I knew it wasn’t going to be well-received by everyone.

You see, by that time, I lived in Missouri. The Missouri Tigers reigned supreme for most of my friends and their families, and I stood alone in my decision to support the Jayhawks. In contrast to the love I received with the Rainbow Brite costume, as a Jayhawk, I got razzed. Mostly good-natured razzing, of course, but it was obvious that this transformation was not as acceptable as the cute one when I was a child.

Since it’s October, I figured these stories about my two costumes might translate well into an analogy about transformations in Christ.. Whether sudden or slowly over time, a life lived in Christ is going to change us. It’s supposed to change us. But the way those changes are received can vary. Like we just did with Rainbow Brite and the Jayhawk, let’s take a look at how transformations in Christ are sometimes received well but sometimes receive pushback.

To read the full post link here.

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