2020 End-of-Year Reflection Guide: Self-Compassion Version

Here, in the final days of 2020, I am going to give us both a gift. Me, the time off from a regular blog post to be with my precious family. You, the self-compassionate reflection below, developed to help guide us through the end of this year.

Each year, my husband and I spend New Year’s Eve reflecting on the year that has passed. We often use reflection questions some writer somewhere has put together as our guide. This year I decided to make our own because a year like this deserves its own specific kind of reflection. The fair kind. The compassionate kind. The kind that honors the supremely long haul and bravery it took to get here.

So, here it is folks. Save it. Print it. Screenshot it. Pass it along to others. I hope that it is a great blessing to you at the end of this year and gives you hope for the beauty of the next.

Much love to you all,


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