Embrace Your Gifts

Writing over at The Glorious Table today on the internal and external ways God equips us for our work. See preview below or go to The Glorious Table here.

I want to take this opportunity to admit something I am jealous of: skills. Specifically, handyman skills. The kind of skills that enable you to fix things—when your toilet breaks or you need a picture hung, want a new fan or your oil changed, you just do it. All by yourself! You see something on HGTV and create it. The sink stops up, so you bust out the wrench and a bucket, and voilà! You’ve saved yourself $100! It all just seems so darn efficient to me.

Alas, I am not a handy person, although I make a valiant effort. In my garage I have my own drill, an assortment of tools and fasteners, and a stud finder that’s pretty cool. But that’s about where it ends. I have the tools, but I just don’t have the mindset for it. Behind each of the pictures I hung with my fancy drill, there are no less than three to four “practice” holes. I repainted my kitchen cabinets, but I definitely cut corners on the whole sanding thing. I may or may not have scared my husband a few years ago when I threw a proper fit on our back porch because I couldn’t figure out how to attach a gate to the top of our steps. No matter how much I want to be, or try to be, a skilled handywoman, I’m missing some of the necessary tools― and I don’t mean the physical ones. Some people just have the “gift” for this kind of work.

What Are Spiritual Gifts?

When we talk about “gifting” in the faith, we usually are taught from a couple lists found in the new Testament, namely 1 Corinthians 12 and Romans 12. By definition, spiritual gifts are given to us by God to use in the service of others and to glorify him. A quick search for “spiritual gifts” give us words like hospitalityhealingleadershipprophecyservicewisdom, and administration. Over the years, I’ve enjoyed the opportunity to use surveys and studies to help discern my own spiritual gifts. It is by studying and understanding these Scriptures and their application that we learn how to best serve in the ways we are designed.

Today, I want to take us one step further in our study of giftings. It’s a step into the past. Have you ever looked at the way God equipped people with gifts in the Old Testament? He did it quite a bit when he was calling people to use their gifts for the building of the tabernacle. It’s such a cool lesson.

To read the full post go to The Glorious Table here.

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