New Website & a Lesson on Overcoming Obstacles

Dum, dum, da-dum! It’s finally here! You know, when you launch into something completely new, it takes a while for things to “meld” as my Mother would say. I have known for quite a while that the original website design worked for the time being, but it didn’t feel totally authentic. So, after almost two years of working around raising kids, writing, COVID and you know, life ⁠— the website redesign finally got to the top of the list.

Thank you for the aethetics consultation from my friend Nicole Elliott, new headshots from motivator extraordinaire Charity Trotter, and all things SEO/marketing/web design from my mentor Beth Walker. You girls are a gift and a shove forward and I am grateful. Now, for some preview pictures and today’s teaching below.

Anne Rulo New Website & a Lesson on Overcoming Obstacles

Anne Rulo New Website & a Lesson on Overcoming Obstacles

You guys, doing whatever God has called/designed us to do with our lives can get really hard. Even when it comes to “little” steps like redoing a website. Time and ego are vicious menaces. And, we need to be able to identify their tactics so we can combat them. Living in the middle of what God designed for us is too much of a sweet adventure to miss because of a few obstacles. So, let’s look at a few that all-too-often try to get in our way.

Common Obstacles to Progress & Growth

Comparison: Everyone does this. Either we compare ourselves to others or to our ideal self. Either way, comparison is really just judgment dressed up in fancy clothes. If we are going to get anywhere, we have to stop judging where we are from where we want to be. Just do the work. God will get you there. He knows the best path and, more importantly, He knows the best time. You cannot compare your journey to anyone else’s. Yours is yours. Stay present. Keep working. Stay faithful to the work.

Time “Management”: Some people slack off. In fact, many of the entrepreneurial/coaching messages suggest that any delay in the success we desire is because we aren’t working hard enough or in the “right” way. Yes, I suppose, at times that is true. However, I have found that achieving success in God’s design means working hard within all the gifts/responsibilities He has given me. The greatest satisfaction I have found is a week where I worked some, played with my kids some, dated my husband some and cared for this temple well. You are not going to hear that from some motivational speakers but you’re going to hear it from me, the therapist. And the incredible Aundi Kolber. Trying softer is okay. Remember to live fully. You’ll still get there.

Dealing with Regret: Regret, shame and an unhealthy relationship with failure are dead weight when we step into things God asks us to do. We are not going to be the best when we start out. And, for the recovering perfectionists in the room, that can stop you before you ever get started or when you think you didn’t do something exactly “right”. I’ve bombed talks, written things that I’ve later read and shook my head and (I know it sounds silly) stared at this website each week often frustrated because I wanted to change it. We cannot do everything exactly as we want every time. Our fastest route to growth and progress is recognizing that we are human, learning, and getting better every time. Your practice is your product. We cannot just hide until everything is “perfect”.

Serving Ourselves: Okay, this is the last one I’ll hit you with today, but it’s an important one. The greatest emotional hangup, physical slowing, or psychological disfaction I have found in trying to do what God has asked me to do is when I worry about how it will make me look. When we shift our eyes off of the people we are serving and the God who equips us to do so, we will start drowning in our own self-sufficiency and worship. Remember, we do it for Him and do it for them, whoever they are. I’m always amazed at how much better I am when I remember who I am serving, and that it’s not my own self-interest or promotion. No human is worthy of worship, ourselves included.

Alright, lovely humans. Thank you. Thank you for reading. Thank you for listening. Thank you for your encouragement and messages as you graciously watch me practice right in front of your eyes. On my good days I remember this is all for you, and for Him. And when I forget, He graciously reminds me and brings me back to center. Enjoy the new website and take a roam around. I hope the words, resources and peace intended are a blessing to you.

Link to the new website:

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