40 “Truths” at 40 Years Old

Anne Rulo 40 "Truths" at 40 Years Old

I turn 40 today. This feels like the kind of age where stuff that doesn’t matter will start to matter even less and the stuff that does matter will float to the top. Serious and silly, practical and personal, below is a list of things that feel true at this stage. And, I offer it all knowing things may will change as the journey continues. And that feels beautiful too.

  1. Hold traditions and expectations lightly. It may become beneficial to change them.
  2. A walk outside fixes many things.
  3. Satisfaction is crawling into bed with no alarm set.
  4. It will be a redemptive work of God if I ever like cooking.
  5. We all have biases. Look for them with courage.
  6. Extended, meditative prayer is fruitful. I want to spend more time doing this.
  7. Some people take to motherhood right away. Others warm to it like spring. I am the latter.
  8. Don’t try a bad habit just because it is intriguing. You might end up stuck with it.
  9. Love your children the best you can and ask God to fill in the gaps.
  10. You should have at least three self-care practices that don’t cost any money.
  11. I have always been flaky. I am recording this here so when I do goofy stuff at 80 someone will say, “Yep, she’s always been like that.”
  12. Some things do not change, even with effort. For me, it seems this is liking broccoli.
  13. I think gray hair is beautiful. It sits on the heads of some of the most incredible women in my life. I’m keeping mine.
  14. Loving your spouse is nice, but I also suggest finding one who inspires you.
  15. Tears born of beauty and whimsy come easier with age. I am glad of this.
  16. Everybody has weird stuff. My armpits itch when I’m scared.
  17. I don’t really like conflict or competition. I am also a coach’s wife. I have questions for God about this.
  18. Garlic salt and butter fix many foods. Oh, and cheese.
  19. Be present. Be gentle with yourself. My Mother taught me that.
  20. I like being around people who are the unrealized version of my ideal self — like gardeners and librarians.
  21. (Almost) no one feels super confident as a parent. Be real. Be encouraging.
  22. Learning to fold fitted sheets well is folly. No one cares about the inside of your linen closet.
  23. Jesus grows sweeter with time.
  24. My middle sister can make me laugh harder than anyone else on the planet.
  25. A rich life is full of both conventional and unconventional accomplishments.
  26. “They” are a critical, negative and unaccountable group. Don’t listen to them.
  27. Savor practices that connect you to your heritage. I feel my Grandmother every time I see a beautiful sunset. She loved them.
  28. One of my fears is living in a post-apocalyptic world without my contacts or glasses.
  29. It is essential that children are given opportunities to practice independence.
  30. Television is like sweets. It’s great at first but after too much, I feel terrible. On the contrary, books never have this effect.
  31. Every once in a while, just watch your children sleep.
  32. Learn to appreciate funerals. They are sacred spaces for reflection and you are only going to keep attending more of them.
  33. Serving people well is a great art. My youngest sister is one of the best I know.
  34. You will make mistakes. You will make mistakes. You will make mistakes.
  35. Some of the things God asks us to do seem really silly to other people. Do them anyway.
  36. When I have a nightmare I hold my Bible like a lovey to go back to sleep.
  37. Feelings are not facts.
  38. Be open to who you are becoming.
  39. Cultivate people in your life who are brave.
  40. Know that any truth at any age may change and that’s okay. Jesus is the only perfect constant.

On this day I am so very grateful for each of you who has been a part of my life and supported this funny little writing journey. I wish you peace and abundant blessings.

Anne, the 40-year-old 🙂

Photo by Deva Williamson on Unsplash

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