(Sneak Peek!) The God Blanket

Anne Rulo Sneak Peek The God Blanket

It’s almost here! My next book study, “The God Blanket” releases next Tuesday and I’m so excited! And scared. And humbled. And grateful. And tired. I’m all the things that go along with putting hard work into a thing and then releasing it into the world. It is a beautifully vulnerable space to be. A space I’ve learned to love more and more in this journey to becoming a writer.

In next week’s blog post I am going to share more about the process of writing a book and remove some of the mystical nonsense that people sometimes put around the creative process. But, until then, I wanted to give you a little sneak peek into this study before it releases next week.

First, I want you to know I chose the book of Colossians because I am a great big chicken. I was avoiding another book that felt too theologically “heavy” and I wasn’t sure I could handle it. I assume God later found it amusing that Colossians is chock-full of really thick, challenging concepts but I was already too far in to back out. It was an immense blessing to have to wade through hard things, do some research, and come out on the other side seeing God’s love clearer than ever.

Secondly, I wanted to share that this book is very similar in structure to my first publication, “Cultivating Joy”. That first book was created in response to my sister asking if I knew of any strong studies that were also manageable for busy Moms of young children. Hear me clearly, that’s not code for “I’m too busy for God”. It’s the reality that some folks are just in a stage of life that has restricted time but they still really want to grow in their faith! It was with those parameters in mind that I set out and created a five-week, four days a week study with all the verses, reading and reflection opportunities build right in. High value, low volume.

Third, I wanted to share a few lines from the first day’s reading that summarizes the whole study well. If you pick up this book, this is what is comin’acha. I hope it is as much a blessing to you as it has been to me.

“The God Blanket” Day 1: “In the time that I have spent wandering through this book, Paul’s words have become almost like a laser for my faith. Not only do they point specifically at what really matters, but they also cut off the edges of all the things that I have tried to ‘add’ to Jesus over the years. It has been a focusing and refining experience that I didn’t know was coming. I am so delighted for you to join in during these next five weeks as we get to re-fall in love with Jesus and the community of Christ through this direct and much-needed letter.”

Available on Amazon Tuesday, January 21st!

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