Worshiping God Alone

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Worshiping God Alone Lights

Growing up in Kansas City, I experienced a unique Thanksgiving tradition. We did all the common things: the turkey, the pies, the gathering of family. But then we would bundle up, leave the house, and make the trek to “The Plaza.” Just south of downtown Kansas City, the Country Club Plaza is a beautiful fifteen-block shopping district modeled after the Moorish architecture of Seville, Spain.

For some ninety years, from Thanksgiving through January, these incredible buildings are covered from top to bottom with Christmas lights. Thousands of people like our family walk their turkey-stuffed selves down the hills into The Plaza to listen to music, mingle with humanity, and ultimately participate in the countdown as those beautiful lights come on.

It is an incredible tradition and a beautiful sight, but I admit I don’t often go anymore. As a mama of littles, I am a little intimidated by the growing crowds. I tried to find an accurate headcount somewhere but only found phrases like “tens of thousands” and “up to 100,000” people. Suffice it to say there are a whole lot of souls packed into a fifteen-block area. When I can’t discern the end of myself from those around me, I tend to bow out and watch the merriment from the comfort of my living room. Recently, it was these very crowds that God used to show me something.

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