Being Thankful for Our Scars

Being Thankful For Our Scars Anne Rulo

The other day I went for a run. Now, don’t get it in your head this is a regular occurrence. I’m super high-maintenance when it comes to running. It can’t be too hot, it can’t be too cold, I need to have my headphones with the right music and someone to watch my young children. And yet, by some miracle, all these things came together so off I trotted on a gorgeous fall day.

Feet pounding on the pavement, music in my ears and surrounded by nature, I spent practically all my time looking at the trees. This is the most incredible time of year with the leaves changing, giving us new beauty almost by the hour as the colors shift from green to crimson, yellow and brown. It got me wondering what makes the leaves change color and what makes them fall. So, I did what any high-quality researcher does…I Googled it.

As it turns out, in the spring and summer, leaves are green due to the presence of chlorophyll. Then, when the season changes, the tree does not need those leaves (or the chlorophyll) anymore. The green pigment breaks down and the leaves change color. Additionally, in order for the leaf to fall away from the tree, a special layer of cells develops at the end of the stem. The tree then seals that area, cutting the leaf off from the tree where it eventually falls away.

Here’s the cool part. That spot where the leaf falls away? It leaves a mark. And it’s called a leaf scar.

Now, that’s just beautiful.

You guys, we are covered in leaf scars. There is no way to exist in this life, and certainly, no way to serve Christ, without getting moved in and out of seasons many many times. I’ve always thought of scars as something that results from a wound. The product of a hard or painful season. Turns out God also “leaves” scars where there was life. Where there was beauty. Where He dropped leaves out of our lives just because it was time for another season. They are reminders of His love and faithfulness.

A great leap happens in our faith when we become grateful for every season, no matter what kind it is or what scars it leaves behind. We develop this gratitude by believing in His love for us in all seasons, difficult or abundant. By this, we come to appreciate every scar because we know He was in it all.

Remember, it was Jesus who used scars to help a doubting Thomas recognize His resurrected body. It is this same Jesus who uses our scars to help us recognize our resurrected lives. Thankful for the scars…

(All music and video rights credited to I AM THEY)

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