Magnify the Lord…

Anne Rulo Magnify the Lord

Hello readers! I am writing over at the Glorious Table today! See below for a preview or click here for the full post: “Magnify the Lord”

“The other day I went on a first-grade field trip. We loaded up those iconic yellow buses full of energetic children and drove into the country, bound for a day full of adventures. Between me and the teacher, we had eighteen of those wild things in our care. We dragged nets through the lake looking for critters, listened to a presentation about turkey calls, and stroked the pelts of animals common to the area.

In truth, the entire experience was a learning curve for me. While I spend a lot of time with my own children, large groups of little ones are not exactly in my wheelhouse. I was amazed by their energy, amused by their silliness, and in awe of their teachers, who wrangle this sort of organized chaos every single day.

Toward the end of the trip, we finally got to the station that included magnifying glasses. Little hand after little hand grabbed one out of the bucket and headed out on the trail. Again, being a novice with children, it quickly occurred to me that I had taken no time to educate these tiny scholars on how to actually use a magnifying glass. When the last child had grabbed one I headed up the trail and found myself in the presence of a bunch of cute little faces—with really giant eyeballs.

You see, the kids had absolutely no idea how a magnifying glass worked, so they did what made sense to them: they each put the magnifying glass up to their own eye instead of the object they wanted to magnify. The result was hilarious as they stumbled about in semi-frustration with exaggerated features, complaining, “Everything’s fuzzy!” and “Why can’t I see anything?” I took a moment to giggle and then joined the teacher in showing them that if you want to use a magnifying glass correctly, you have to magnify the thing you want to see better, not yourself.”

Full post: “Magnify the Lord”

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