Doing Martha Work with a Mary Heart


Wrote an article over at The Glorious Table last month. Forgot to include it on the blog. Again. Signed, A Work in Progress


The other morning, I woke up a few minutes before my alarm sounded. In that moment of quiet, I immediately started going through my mental checklist for the day. I considered my schedule and my responsibilities, furiously attempting to figure out where every task fit and how it was going to get done.

It turned out this pre-alarm wake-up call was divinely inspired. While I normally would have jumped out of bed, God instead kept me still long enough to bring something to my attention—a bothersome something.

As I mentally surveyed my listful of tasks, I noticed that not a single one had anything to do with connection with him or with any of the humans in my life. Oh, there were plenty of tasks for humans, things like “fill out son’s field trip form” and “finalize daughter’s ballet outfit.” And others were for Jesus; tasks like “get study material ready” and “buy groceries for community group” would serve his people. But though the list had a whole lot of for, it had no with. Not one part of it would make me pause and really see God. Or really see my family. Or really love anybody very well.

A very gentle but firm thought from God came into my mind: You are never going to live by what’s really important unless you bring me this list first.

I looked in my mind’s eye again and realized he was right. The entire list was also about doing and getting, running and checking, speeding along from one little task to the next.

I had woken up all Martha.

To read the rest of the post follow the link here: The Glorious Table

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